contests.kenn.ca is a database of active (and expired) contests and sweepstakes open to Canadian residents. What sets it apart from the dozens of other sites is its format, providing a consistent and efficient platform for entering and tracking contests.

  • Quick Filtering: Immediately narrow the table down to what your looking for using one of the predefined links, or using the search field.
  • Versatile Sorting: Sort by expiry date, prize value, date posted, and other criteria. Hold the shift key if you want to sort by more than one column.
  • Direct Links: Direct links from the main page to the entry and rules pages. When you’re entering hundreds of contests daily, this saves significant time and bandwidth.
  • Consistency: Being purpose-built for contesting means that the information is collected and displayed in a consistent format, allowing you to quickly decide if a contest interests you.
  • Time Savings: The above features all work together to save you time. At a personal level, this cut my time entering daily-entry contests nearly in half, further aided by the contest tracking feature available to members.

Member Features

Membership is free and has some simple but significant benefits, namely:

  • Contest Tracking: Use the “Tag” button to mark contests you’ve entered or are following, giving you an additional filtering option.
  • No CAPTCHAS: Submit contests without trying to figure out some garbled text.
  • Commenting: Leave comments on contest postings.
  • Win Tracking: Track your wins and see what other members have been winning to keep you motivated.


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